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  • ✓REALPACK® Duct Tape is the all-around tool for temporary repairs and quick fixes around the house, garden or garage.

  • ✓With its high adhesion and easy-to-tear application, this workbench favorite is great for holding, seaming, sealing and bundling.

  • ✓Co-extruded tape for durability and long-term performance

  • ✓Tears easily by hand without curling

  • ✓Quantity: 6 Rolls Colour: Red; Size: 48mm x 50m;

  • Duct tape is commonly used in situations that require a strong, flexible, and very sticky tape. Some have a long-lasting adhesive and resistance to weathering. A specialized version, gaffer tape, which does not leave a sticky residue when removed, is preferred by gaffers in the theatre, motion picture and television industries. Duct tape, in its guise as "racer's tape", "race tape" or "100 mile an hour tape" has been used in motor sports for more than 40 years to repair fiberglass bodywork (among other uses). Racer's tape comes in a wide range of colors to help match it to common paint colors. In the UK, it is usually referred to as "tank tape" in motor sports use.

    REALPACK® 6 Rolls - Red Gaffer / Duct Tape size : 48mm x 50m. Strong Waterproof Cloth Book Binding Tape Free Fast Shipping - B01IR9YZFG

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